Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy - INSTANT COFFEE

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Behind the scenes at Madem Espresso, we’ve been working on a little project...
Current trends & statistics show that around 75% of Australians drink coffee on the daily with a large percentage of that who consume instant.
Coffee brewing equipment can cost a pretty penny to purchase/own & another huge factor we all face is TIME.

So making your coffee at home, workplace, office or campsite is not always as convenient as it seems but at Madem Espresso, we get it & this is why we’re bringing you the next best thing

A few things we wanna point out about OUR Instant Freeze-dried coffee:
* Freeze drying allows for maximum flavour retention from the original coffee bean
* The granules are easily rehydrated which means it’s fully soluble
* 100% Arabica (BRAZIL)- No robusta or added nasties
* Better uniformity that helps keep each cup tasting consistent
* Overall better quality & longer shelf life