Fortune Teller - Seasonal

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Intriguing but yet delicious, our Fortune Teller seasonal blend gives us the chance to showcase the forever changing selection of fantastic coffees the world has to offer.

The balance of this blend is focused more towards the fruity characteristics, which is ideally suited for the peeps who like to consume their coffee in the purest form (black).

Although if you're feeling experimental you can brew this with milk and it'll still go down a treat!

| Cup profile |
Citrus, berries, tropical fruits with subtle chocolate & toffee notes

| Natural/Washed | 

| Light-Medium/Espresso Roast | Black |

Brazil Mantiqueira 50%

Kenya AB 50%


* Subjected to seasonal availability, please refer to the label located on the back of the bag or alternatively feel free to speak to one of our rad staff members.